They will be turned to fables (2Timothy 4:3&4). A vitally important message for today’s Church:


Unforgiving, Slanderers, Brutal:

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This section contains all the teachings on individual books. Thus far we have completed more than 20 books and we will gradually make them all available here. Please note that these are ZIP files and each one could take a long time to download. Once you have downloaded one, you will need to unzip it and then you will have access to all the MP3’s on that particular book as well as an index of which file covers which specific verses. Note that the entire series of all the books (total 840 studies) is also available as a 16gb USB memory stick.

Exodus (57 Studies – 538mb)
Daniel (16 Studies – 193mb) Latest Completed August 2018
Romans (48 Studies – 435mb)
Ephesians (69 Studies – 652mb)
Philippians (30 Studies – 425mb) Completed May 2017
1Thessalonians (32 Studies – 373mb) Completed April 2018
2 Timothy (37 studies – 501mb) Completed September 2017
Hebrews (34 Studies – 310mb)

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They will be Turned to Fables. 2Timothy 4:3-4
Escaping the Snare of the Devil. 2Timothy 2.25-26
Fleeing and Pursuing 2Timothy 2:22


Hearing God
Which King?
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
Blessed are those who Mourn
Blessed are those who Mourn 2
Blessed are the Meek
Blessed those who Hunger and Thirst
Blessed are the Merciful
Blessed the Pure in Heart
Blessed the Peacemakers

Beatitudes of Revelation
God’s Tender Mercies
God With Us
Evidence for the Resurrection
New Beginnings 1  (Hezekiah)
New Beginnings 2  (Hezekiah)
New Beginnings 3  (Hezekiah)

Love (Fruit of the Spirit)
Joy 1 (Fruit of the Spirit)
Joy 2 (Fruit of the Spirit)
Peace 1 (Fruit of the Spirit)
Peace 2 (Fruit of the Spirit)
Longsuffering (Fruit of the Spirit)
Kindness (Fruit of the Spirit)
Goodness (Fruit of the Spirit)
Faithfulness (Fruit of the Spirit)
Meekness (Fruit of the Spirit)
Self-control (Fruit of the Spirit)