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Building Blocks of Encouragment
 - a Devotional

This is  collection of 60 articles that are designed to edify, exhort and comfort. Each article stands on its own and can easily be read in just a few minutes. While the truths expounded in the articles are simple and fundamental they will remind the reader of eternal truths that may have been forgotten. The Author often brings a fresh perspective to old texts.

Solid Practical Doctrine
Within the pages one will find not only food for devotional thought, but solid practical doctrine that will edify any sincere reader to continue to “run, with patience, the race that is set before us” (Hebrews 12:1). Pastor Bosch does not resort to the pop psychologies of the day, as many others do, to make his points. He stays true to the Word of God as he exhorts us to live out our faith with an unwavering commitment to the authority of the Scriptures and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. —  Pastor Gary Osborne

Spiritual Wisdom and Hope
While I was assisting Pastor Bosch in the editing of this book manuscript I found myself in the midst of some dark and heavy days. Various battles were going on with my health, troubles at church, family duties caring for a sick loved one, a misunderstanding with a close friend, and overall exhaustion. The words Anton wrote so many years ago began to minister to me slowly and surely as I went over them the first, second, third – and more – times. The Lord must have known that I needed to read and re-read these precious nuggets of spiritual wisdom and hope. Already it has produced the fruit of peace. I am sure it will also bless you with encouragement from the Word of God for these last days.    Sarah H. Leslie



Contentiously Contending

This booklet began as a series of articles written in 2007. It was published on a number of electronic forums, particularly on www.herescope.com I wrote the articles in response to several decades of participation with, and observation of, many apologetic or discernment type ministries. While I see a great need for watchmen who will faithfully sound the alarm at the attacks of the enemy, I also see the need for those involved in this vital ministry to go about this work in a godly way. I am deeply concerned that many who involve themselves in these ministries do so for the wrong reasons and/or with the wrong attitude. In the process they cause more damage than the very error they are trying to correct.

My intention with these humble words is not to discredit or discourage those who sound the alarm, but to exhort such to use the right methods, with the right attitude. I also wish to warn those believers who have become aware of the great deception going on in the Church that a wrong attitude is just as erroneous as wrong doctrine. It does not help if we have our doctrine straight but our attitude does not accord with the Spirit of Christ.

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Building Blocks of the Church

From the back cover:

Anton Bosch is a brave Christian scholar and pastor to write a book such as this at a time when the validity of the Bible’s teachings is being called into question by many. He is even braver when the field in which he has chosen to write, deals head-on with the organizational structure and personnel of the church.
Modern and postmodern biblical scholarship seldom assigns a high status to the doctrine of the inspiration of Holy Scripture, and even less to the conservative and more fundamental schools which hold dear the belief that the Bible was verbally inspired by the Holy Spirit. This unquestioned, high regard for the Bible constitutes the foundation of this book.

Building Blocks of the Church very effectively walks through the landmine of the modern church growth movement's errors, carefully navigating through the troubled waters of past mistakes in church history. As such it is a valuable reference tool for those many in our modern era who may find it necessary to leave their former churches who have moved away from biblical principles and who have no idea how to start a church from scratch.

The author should be commended for his honest and objective exposition of the New Testament model of the organization and function of the church of Christ. He has done so in a very scholarly way, and this work should be seriously considered by thinking people all over the world. The book sets out clearly the New Testament principles of every major ministry in the church, and distinguishes these principles from erroneous teachings and practices.
The purpose of Building Blocks of the Church is to help us conform to the only true standard of Christian worship – the biblical one.

   5 ½” x 8 ½” (14cm x 21.5cm)
   Soft Cover
   272 pages
   895 footnotes
   ISBN 978-0-620-37659-4

Table of Contents
Read This First
1.   Sola Scriptura
   Hermeneutical Issues
2.   Characteristics of the Church Growth Movement
   The Church Growth Movement 
   The House Church Movement 
3.   Pattern or Principles?  
   Arguments for a Pattern
   Tradition and Torah, Custom and Command 
   Spirit and Letter, Principle and Precept  
   Principle and Practice  
4.   The Priesthood of The Believer  
   The Clergy/Laity System  
   Weaknesses of the Clergy/Laity System  
   The Priesthood in the Old Testament
   The Priesthood in the New Testament  
   Functions of the Christian Priesthood 
   Equal but Different
   Does Each Believer Have a Function?
   Same Gift, but Not Same Measure 
   A Theocracy Not a Democracy 
   Making it Work 
   The Glorious Future 
5.   Authority in the Church  
   Jesus Christ – Head of the Church
   Every Man for Himself 
   Humble Leaders   
   A Godly Flock
   The Practical
6.   The Payment of Full-time Workers 
   The Arguments  
   The Twelve 
   Which Ministries Should be Supported? 
   Fixed Stipend or Not? 
   How Much?
7.   Do the Ephesians 4:11 Ministries Continue?
   The Spectrum of Views  
   The Cessationist View 
   The Restorationist View  
   The Continuous View 
8.   Apostles 
   The Problems 
   The Term “Apostle”   
   The Twelve 
   The Apostles of the Ascended Christ 
   The Work of an Apostle 
   Apostolic Succession 
   Apostolic Infallibility
   The Apostolic Office  
9.   Prophets 
   Examples of New Testament Prophets
   Differences Between Old Testament and
    New Testament Prophets 
   Prophets in Practice 
   Are All Who Prophesy Prophets?  
   Prophecy, Preaching and Teaching  
10. Pastors/Elders 
   Pastors, Shepherds, Elders and Bishops
   Ordination of Elders
   The Ministry of Elders 
   Admonitions to Elders  
11. Teachers
   The Term 
   Jesus the Teacher
   Other New Testament Teachers 
   The Importance of Teaching 
   Teaching Life 
   The Content of the Teaching 
12. Evangelists   
   The Term   
   Jesus the Great Evangelist
   The Twelve and Paul 
   Evangelists and the Church
   The Church and Evangelism 
13. Deacons   
   The Term 
   The Seven of Acts 6
   The Function of Deacons 
   Their Appointment  
   Women Deacons
14. The Autonomy of Local Churches
   Autonomy and Not Independence
   The Church Universal and Local
   The Seven Churches of Asia 
   Autonomy of Local Churches in Acts
   Central Control in Acts 15? 
   Autonomy in Paul’s Writings
   The Benefits of Autonomy 
   Areas of Autonomy
15. The Interdependence of Local Churches
   The Basis of Interdependence
   Inter-Church Activities
   Benefits of Cooperation
   Dangers of Isolationism
   The Balance
16. Conclusions and Recommendations
   Tradition Has Obscured Many Truths 
   There is Sufficient Information
   Are the Principles Practicable?

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By the way, you don't need a PayPal account to order. Simply add to the cart and pay at the checkout with any major credit card - totally secure.

Please note that this offer only applies to the USA. Please contact us for the cost of international shipping.


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Building Blocks